Lawn care weed control service

The key to an attractive, healthy lawn is proper mowing, watering, and fertilization. Low, frequent mowing encourages the lawn turf to spread and increase in density. Deep, infrequent watering encourages healthy root development. This is especially important during the hot summer months.

1. Winter pre- emergent Weed Control for extended control of winter grassy and broadleaf weeds

2.Balanced fertilizer for regrowth following dormancy. Pre-emergent weed control for grassy weeds such as crabgrass. Broadleaf weed control as needed.

3.Pre-emergent weed control for extended control of crabgrass. High rate of fertilizer to meet the lawn's needs during spring growth.

4. Fertilizer with slow release and soluble nitrogen to gradually feed your lawn in the heat of the summer. Dallisgrass treatment. (If Dallisgrass is present a follow up will be needed in 10-14 days at an additional charge)

5.Balanced fertilizer containing both slow and soluble nitrogen. Insect control for lawn damaging insects as needed.

6.Balanced fertilizer to promote new shoot and root growth in the fall following summer stress. Spot treat broadleafs.

7.Pre-emergent weed control to prevent germination of winter annuals in your lawn. Broadleaf weed control as needed. Year-end inspection. Check and advise on condition of the lawn.

The services from our lawn care company will deliver the green, healthy lawn you desire. In fact, we give our applications up to 21 days to take their full effect. If, after that time, you find weeds in your lawn, we will come back and treat at NO CHARGE. Your satisfaction is our success

Should I Aerate My Lawn? ABSOLUTELY!!

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Top Choice Fire Ant Control

Check out this great video

Beneficial Services

Core Aeration


“Breathe life into your roots!”

Grass roots need air, water and nutrients to grow thick, deep and strong. When soil becomes compacted, even slightly, it inhibits the flow of the essentials that support thicker, healthier turf growth. A layer of compacted soil just 1/4 to 1/2 inches thick can make a significant difference in the health and beauty of your lawn.1 Aeration creates holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction so air, water and nutrients can reach grass roots.

Deprived of their basic needs by compacted soil, lawn grasses struggle in stressful situations, such as heat and low rainfall, and lose their healthy, rich color. Grasses gradually thin and eventually die out completely, for lack of the oxygen, water and nutrients available just inches away. Even a single aeration session can open the avenue for these essentials to reach their mark and put your lawn back on an upward trend

1 year FireAnt Control


*One treatment and DONE!*

Top Choice Insecticide Granules are a once a year fipronil granule insecticide for the control of ants and other turf pests. Top Choice will provide year long control of Imported Fire Ants ( Guaranteed)

Landscape Design


Creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes is our business. It's what we do best!

Whether the job is first-time landscaping around a new construction site, revamping an outdated or overgrown landscape, we can help. Strong local knowledge, superb service, competitive prices and a reputation for quality makes us a natural choice for all your landscape needs. We'd like to know more about your landscape requirements. Give us a call. Putting your lawn and landscape in top-notch condition - and keeping it that way - is our number one concern. It's a job that requires time, patience, and hard work. We provide all of that...and a whole lot more. Call us today!